Paris celebrates the joy of gardens

Green spaces will be honoured in Paris during September. To raise awareness of issues linked to the environment and ecology, and to help preserve the green spaces of the capital, each year the city organises the Festival of Gardens of Paris. For the thousands of visitors expected at the event, the festival will be an opportunity to celebrate the beauty of nature in general and the parks and gardens of the City of Light in particular.

A festival for nature lovers

Towards the end of September, a whole weekend will be reserved for appreciating the green spaces, gardens and parks of the capital. Lovers of nature and gardening enthusiasts will thus have a chance to experience a very special moment in the midst of the flowers, trees and lawns of Paris. During the festival, over 150 sites nestled in the heart of different districts will be open to the public.

A festival for plant life.

For twenty years the Fête des Jardins has been a family friendly event, and that continues in 2016. Through a playful and fun-filled programme of events, visitors will discover and rediscover the value and importance of environmental protection and maintaining the green heritage of Paris. Walks, guided tours, games and gardening workshops are aimed at raising the ecological awareness of both children and adults, but are also joyous occasions that make learning about the environment and the world of plants an absolute pleasure.

Green spaces close to the hotel

Lovers of gardens find green tranquillity in the Square Saint Lambert and the Parc Georges Brassens, both situated close to the Hotel Convention Montparnasse. The first is an Art Deco-era garden built on the site of a former gasworks, while the second has a large central pond bordered by lawns and groves of trees. Both are perfect for moments of sharing and relaxation in the heart of the city. Enjoy a pleasant stroll from the hotel and explore these less well-known verdant havens.


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