Taste of France, the new Fête de la Gastronomie

Gourmets and gourmands, welcome to Paris, where you can celebrate the joys of French gastronomy with the festival now known as Goût de France (Taste of France)! An essential part of the French cultural heritage and a major asset of Parisian excellence, the former Fête de la Gastronomie is an opportunity for those involved in this vital aspect of French culture to demonstrate their talents and bring you a feast of enjoyment. An essential event to discover during your stay at the Hotel Convention Montparnasse.


Preserving a national heritage 

The Fête de la Gastronomie, henceforth known as Goût de France (Taste of France), returns to delight Parisians and visitors alike during its 8th edition, which will take place in Paris and the Ile de France from September 21st to 23rd.

The city’s chefs have planned to take to the streets to raise awareness of the gastronomic heritage of our regions in a celebration of sharing, conviviality and dissemination of know-how.

Lovers of good food will have the pleasure of visiting various places in Paris to honour the region’s gastronomic heritage and its excellence through a series of events.


A gourmet-oriented and varied programme

This year's theme, ‘taste in all its senses’, is an invitation to embark on a unique sensory journey. French gastronomy does indeed appeal to all our senses; the colours of nature’s bounty, the texture of bread on the tongue, the sizzle of frying bacon, the aroma of a hot croissant and, of course, the taste of it all...

Come and enjoy the festival’s events such as popular banquets, tastings, special menus in restaurants, company tours, cellars, food shows, chocolate conferences, exhibitions ... Goût de France invites you to participate in a multitude of gastronomic activities!

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